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Projects, Code, Ideas

Check out my GitHub and Docker Hub accounts. Those are projects I push forward in my spare time. I am very happy if you can make a good use of them. Contributors are always welcome.

Impact Mapping Tool

A TiddlyWiki-Distribution for Impact Mapping and Project Management.

Containers for SoHo

Containers for CMS, Nextcloud, Webmail, ActiveSync , Chat and Mail.

InstaCloud an Ubuntu based Cloud.

An Ansible repository to transform some servers into a full cloud platform.

Dockform a multi-tenant docker setup

A very basic docker host setup with loadbalancers and basic tennancy. Ideal for staging / testing infrastructures.

About Me

Passionate about information technologies, transformation and new things in general. I embrace change and progress as much as order and steadiness.

Technology helps maintaining a steady stream of innovation and transformation of ideas into the real world.

Location: World, mostly near Zurich - Height: Tall enough - Age: Just about 0x26.

Decades of Experience

In IT since 1998 projects many different industries.

Project Manager

Impact Mapping and Lean Management, PM for a decade.

International Background

Outsourcing projects in Europe and Asia, passionate traveller.

Education and training

A bachelor in IT, dipl-inf Ing FH, several certifications e.g. ITILv3.


English, German and French.

Always tinkering

3D-Printing, Urban Gardening, Car Repairs: I am into almost anything crafty that needs hands and brains.

Cloud & DevOps

Profound cloud engineering and CI / CD knowledge.

Product Engineering

Creating Systems without edges.

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